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Kirsty Bell The Artist's House lecture promotion

Kirsty Bell
Event Identity

Poster designed to promote one-off ‘slide lecture’ by artist and writer, Kirsty Bell, hosted by Inverleith House, Edinburgh. The poster features an image taken from Bell’s book, The Artist’s House. ← Kirsty Bell – The Artist’s House

Co- Housing/Living/Building event poster

Housing / Living / Building

Part of a series of events exploring the multiple ways which we engage with the city, focussing on ways of living together. Whether in form of co-housing, within a single unit or high-density solutions comprised of individual units, living together is made possible by social contracts. Often unarticulated and organically evolved these protocols are vital […]

J.Sailer Fabrications Website

Responsive WordPress website created for J.Sailer Fabrications, a metal fabricator based within East Lothian, Scotland. The site is structured so to showcase recent fabrication projects of the business alongside a portfolio of artworks by artist Johannes Sailer, the founder of the business. ← J.Sailer Fabrications website design and development

Work Work Work screen printed poster

Work Work Work

Edition of 10 screen prints. Personal project completed during a screen printing workshop. The design was created to make use of the strong, bold colours and lines made possible through the screen printing process. ← Work Work Work

Co- Making Diverse Economies event poster

Making Diverse Economies

Identity for a series of events exploring ways in which we engage with the city with a focus on working together. This first event specifically focuses on the economy: co-production, labours of care, volunteering, social enterprise, gifts, bartering, salvaging and cooperatives. The poster uses archive imagery depicting the Portland Works, one of the first places […]

Young Vic The Cut Project Postcard

Young Vic
The Cut Project

Postcard design created for the Young Vic to support a year-long community driven initiative, created to bring people together in the theatre’s local areas of Waterloo and Southwark and encouraged to share there stories of the area, past and present. Blank postcards were distributed from a cart created specifically for the project, which were used […]

Corin Sworn Botanical Garden exhibition identity

Corin Sworn
Exhibition Identity

Exhibition identity for Corin Sworn’s Botanic Garden, hosted at Inverleith House, Edinburgh The exhibtion featured numerous canvases coloured using natural dyes which the artist extracted from plants and other vegetation. The exhibition identity uses this as a central theme, showing a block colour underlying a sample image of Sworn’s subject matter. ← Corin Sworn Exhibition […]

Folded circle screen print

Screen Print

Design created using paper folding, photography and editing techniques, resulting in a unique design for screen print. ← Folds Screen Print

Old School Fabrications

WordPress portfolio website created for bespoke build and design company, Old School Fabrications, based in Edinburgh and East Lothian, Scotland. Due to the versatile nature of the company’s practice, an image orientated website was created to allow the images of past projects to represent the company in a striking and playful way. ← Old […]

Objects From The Temperate Palms poster

Objects From The Temperate Palms

Objects from the Temperate Palm House brings together sculptural objects made by artists and historical natural artefacts to propose an expanded and ambiguous format for the display of artworks in the gallery. The design features images of the exhibition’s ‘objects’/plinths which were photographed and edited. The design also features typeface Roberto Grotesk. ← Objects From […]

Co- Dreaming event poster


Identity for a series of events exploring the multiple ways which we engage with the city. This third event focuses on dreaming in relation to transformation of the self, of the collective and of the city. The Co- series has been developed by artist Charlotte Morgan and designer Julia Udall through a common interest in […]

British Art Show 2016 event posters at Inverleith House

British Art Show 2016

Series of posters advertising Inverlieth House’s programme of events running throughout the British Art Show 2016, Edinburgh. The design uses the custom typeface created for the British Art Show 2016, designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. ← British Art Show 2016 Event Posters

Tom Archer Photography business cards and branding

Tom Archer
Photography Branding

Branding and business card design for Sheffield based photographer, Tom Archer. ← Tom Archer Photography Branding

Tony Conrad exhibition flyers

Tony Conrad
Exhibition Branding

Identity for Tony Conrad’s, Invented Acoustical Tools 1969 – 2014, an exhibtion hosted by Inverlieth House, Edinburgh. ← Tony Conrad – Invented Acoustical Tools 1969 – 2014

Constructed Factual Website

Lightweight, text oriented website created for contemporary art curator, Chloe Reith. The site archives past articles, reviews and independent exhibitions, written and organised by Chloe. ← Chloe Reith – Constructed Factual Website

Reality & Constructed Factual exhibition poster

Reality & Constructed

Exhibition identity for Reality and Constructed Factual, a group exhibition presented as part of the 2013 Art Sheffield festival’s Parallel Projects programme. Through a selection of digital film, photography, sculpture and installation Reality and Constructed Factual presents and investigates ideas of constructed realities, visual consumption, image economies and the productive potential of repetition in contemporary […]

Isa Genzken Botanical Garden exhibition poster

Isa Genzken
Botanical Garden

Exhibition identity for Isa Genzken’s Botanical Garden, shown as part of the Edinburgh International Art Festival at Inverleith House. The invitation card for the this exhibtion was used by Genzken the following year, featuring within one of the artist’s ‘collages’ exhibited at David Zwirner, New York, during her 2015 solo show. ← Isa Genzken – […]